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I always save your newsletters, Corey, until I can find a good, quiet stretch to read uninterrupted and really soak them in. They are worth it. <3 This time around, it took me almost a month, but I've finally read now on this quiet Sunday when the rest of my fam has gone out thrift store shopping for Halloween costumes.

Just wanted to say I hear absolutely everything you're saying here and I'm sending you lots of love and solidarity. For me, also, adding a second kiddo (that we LOVE!) to our family made finding balance really difficult for me for a long time. It's not just doubling the caregiving workload, it's somehow exponentially increasing it. Writing has come to look really different for me in the past years than it did before kids, and than it did with one kid. Now that both of mine are in grade school, I feel like I have my own energy and brain space back in a way I hadn't for a while. At least in the weeks when we all manage to be healthy at once... 🤣

Wishing you lots of luck with the parenting, the back to school, and the writing projects going forward!

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I love this. And I think it's hard and beautiful and also I want to scream at our nation that wants to be about family values but doesn't actually value families. If they did, parents wouldn't have to craft bespoke spun glass solutions out of cobwebs and scotch tape in order to care for their kids and pay for everything, too. Solutions that can easily break, which you saw with Covid. It seems so long but it's very short, actually. I don't know what I'm trying to say. Thank you for writing this.

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